This project was created in the university course in collaboration with NASA. My focus was to design a product that would provide a sense of home when you are far away from your loved ones. The situation for many astronauts is that they are away on a space mission for several months and when space exploration evolves to trips to Mars the travels will be even longer. 
To be away from loved ones is not unique to astronauts. There are people on Earth in long distance relationships or people who have to travel for work. Inspiration was taken from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are told to keep our distance from each other and not touch. 
The result of the project is a pillow for sleep or cuddles. It simulates the feeling of being embraced in a hug or having someone next to you in bed. Use it laid out long, wrap it around you, knot it to have a chunkier shape to spoon. The versatility of which forms it can take on was inspired by the interaction between two people sleeping together. Small things symbolizing your loved ones can be attached to the short ends, such  as ribbons or charms, to always have the thought of them near.​​​​​​​