For this bachelor project in industrial design I focused on menstruation, a biological function that occurs to half of the population. I explored the disposable and reusable period care products on the market today and how many products an average menstruating person will consume and their environmental impact. 
This led me to the idea of designing an internal reusable period care product. My brief for this project was to improve the silicone menstrual disc. Based on a survey of people’s menstrual habits and choices I wanted to create a menstrual disc that was had improved features compared to existing reusable menstrual discs and menstrual cups. Throughout this project I learned how to cast silicone in 3D printed molds to make my prototypes. Besides the menstrual disc itself a storage container was also designed. The end result of this project is my silicone menstrual disc Heme and its ceramic container that can be used for both storage and sterilizing.