Time perception is a personal and individual matter. Although even small children have some kind of time perception, their view changes as they grow older and learn about time in the terms of hours, minutes and seconds. This project explored how time perception could be taught, and how you further on could learn to manage your time without a clock. Inspiration was taken from existing ways of managing time without a clock, such as school bells and the pomodoro technique. 
Tick Tock is a device for learning time management and understanding time perception. It could be used as a helping tool in schools. Time in Tick Tock has been simplified into small increments of five minutes, inspired by the many analog clocks that marks out the very same intervalls. The color scheme was inspired by classic wooden children toys.
Set the time by pushing down as many 5 minutes sections as you wish. The circular dial with the small pointer will follow along. As time passes the sections will pop up one at a time after every 5 minutes. The circular dial will discretely show how much time that has passed and how much that is remaining. Tick Tock will alert you with a pling when the time is up.